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The Link App

UX/UI • Website • Branding
Lead the UX/UI of the project
Above/ A case overview for property sale, with progress milestones - the lawyer's view.

The Brief

The Link App helps drive businesses forward through on-demand and secure communications between legal professionals and their clients. The client came to us with changing ideas for the product that needed transforming to carve out a new path for transformation within the legal sector.

Technology has changed client's expectations, and The Link App are on a mission to bring help the legal sector adapt to these changes. Law firms juggle emails, calls, and their case work. The product aims to organise this daily challenge on one manageable platform, improving productivity.

As a team we helped re-define The Link App's brand working with marketeers and visual designers we created a new face for the brand with a new logo, visual identity and most importantly messaging. Then going on to re-design a new website, and most importantly their products. The product was launched January 2020.

Above/ Previous web & mobile design 2018-19


The project started with an in-depth workshop about the product, it's features and what problems it was addressing. It became clear that some people were using The Link App as intended, they weren't using the milestones to track progress but instead as a checklist. After research and understanding of the product in more detail, we were able to take forward a clear understanding of the main areas that needed re-designing which were the dashboard, case overview & progress.

One of the key considerations was The Link App's bold, brave persona and the mission to change the perception of the whole legal sector. Therefore competitor analysis and making sure their product and website stood out was a key part of the research I did before wireframing.

As the product roadmap was still being worked on internally, we needed to be agile in our approach of delivering. Therefore building the v2 of the product was important for us to be able to test, iterate and make sure we could gain insightful user research as part of the growth of the product.

Login flow.png
Above/ Existing flows for registration & login were complex.
Register flow.png
Design system

Evolving a design language

As part of a long-term project it was important for us to consider the importance of creating a design system of reusable components to make design and development more efficient, and unify the product language going forwards.

We built a design language from the ground-up and worked heavily with the development team on this project internally, as well as throughout the project to ensure we were all clear on the goals and able to create something that was useful and scalable for everyone.

Above/ Components created to be transferred to Zeplin for developers.
User experience

User experience is key

The UX/UI of the re-design had a clear focus on the users needs. Most lawyers use archaic, legacy systems to work and organise their cases, and aren't versed in digital products to manage and interact with clients. Therefore The Link App needed to be clear and easy to understand, with an emphasis on white space and contrast and a clear journey throughout the product.

Using MacBook Pro - chat copy.jpg
Above/ Example of a solicitor using The Link App to communicate with clients on a case through the chat feature.
Above/ Re-designed cards, with a new progress tracker.
Above/ Re-designed progress (milestones) in a clear, easy to understand format.
Above left / Account toggle between solicitor and personal account.
Above right / Chat between clients and solicitors.
Lead designer
The Link App
Product design
User experience
Hi-fi designs

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Usability & Hierarchy

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